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News Update
November 1, 2005:
Our DESE-MSP High School Reform Grant has been funded! We look forward to working with our partners. Information about organizational meetings will be sent to you by e-mail and posted at this website.

DESE MSP High School Reform Proposal .pdf format (Partner ID forms not included)

MSP 2005 forms
Please send completed forms before Oct 1, 2005 to
Sara Torres, Science Department CPS, 555 Vandiver Drive, Columbia MO 65202.

1. Partner ID form (Word format)

2. Non-public Participation form (pdf format)

3. A partner letter of commitment (required from all school districts AND all non-publics who wish to participate in the academy. The partner letter could mention/describe:

  • Inclusion in planning process
  • Your district's commitment
  • Number of teachers interested
  • Belief in Physics First concept
  • Where your district is in planning/implementing Physics First
  • Need for the professional development we plan
  • Sustainability in your district beyond grant
  • Anything else you wish to add

Powerpoint from September 8 meeting

To generate the report on non-publics in your district go to the following DESE page:


1. Choose the year: We had to go to the 2004-05 school year for Columbia's info (05-06 gave us a blank)
2. Choose your district, click "Add"
3. Go down to the bottom and click "get report."
4. Note that the screen shows only one page at a time. Icons on the top allow you to scroll, or to print to a pdf file (menu box lets you get all the pages).



Updated November 2, 2005