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Location:  Physics Building, Room 127, University of Missouri, Columbia.  The Physics Building is located on College Ave just north of the new Life Science Center on Rollins Road.  The telescope dome on the top of the building (and a huge construction project south of the building) makes it easy to recognize.

Schedule: As you can see from the schedule (check link), all mornings will be spent in class.  Afternoons are divided between class, problems, tests and equipment building.

Registration:  The administrative assistant in the Physics Department, Sherry Long (Tel:  882-3335, Room 223 Physics) is currently in the process of pre-registering you for the summer session (3 credit hours of Physics 300).  Sherry should have already contacted most of you.  If you have a current student ID, please keep it handy, they may need it for you to re-register as a student. We will continue to sort out whatever is left hanging. 

Evaluation-related instruments that you will encounter at this institute: Our grant requires quite a bit of evaluation  -- please bear with us.  The federal origin of our funding makes these evaluations a part of this institute.  Dr. Mark Ehlert will send you information and contact you regarding the evaluation.

Dormitories (for those of you who have asked for a dormitory room in your application): You may arrive on Sunday, July 4, if you so wish.  You will be accommodated in Johnston Hall. Check http://map.missouri.edu/campus.html if you need a map or directions.   Campus and city maps are also enclosed. The front desk is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Please arrive before 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Parking is available near the dormitories, and we expect that you will park your car there during the day. The grant directly will pay the dorm for your parking and room. 

Meals We will have lunch catered the first day, and we can decide what we want for lunch after that. Commuters will have EZ charge cards that will pay for lunch. Dorm folks will have EZ Charge cards to pay for all meals. We will go over the numbers on the first day.

Entertainment:  Other than the entertainment we will provide for you during class (!) we can get group rate tickets to a show of the Summer Repertory Theater.  We’ll tell you more when you arrive.

Parking:  For those of you who will commute from within Columbia or from your home outside Columbia, parking is available at one of the garages near the Physics Building. Parking hangtags were mailed to commuters.  Dorm folks will get parking through the dorm. The grant will pay your parking fee.

What you should bring with you: 

  • A scientific calculator:  you do not need one with graphing capabilities, but it should have trigonometric functions and logarithms, etc.  If you have not used one in a while, it may help to have a friend show you how to use one.  We will go over how to use it during the institute.
  • Those of you who have taken institutes with me should bring the textbook that was distributed previously.  New participants -- you will get copies of a text when you arrive.
  • An empty 2-liter bottle.
  • An empty plastic jar (peanut butter or mayo is good).
  • Two empty paperboard checkbook boxes (the kind that hold 200 checks) or ones of similar size.

Principals Invited:  We are sending a separate letter of invitation all your principals, inviting them to observe the class for an hour (or other time period of their convenience).  We hope they will come!




Updated November 1, 2005